Charities Funded 2014

4Art City St. James Town Toronto - The JL Foundation supports the Annual Summer Arts Program which focuses on cultural and artistic development for children and youth in the Greater Toronto Area.
Amount Funded: $9,415

JL Foundation Board Member, Bev Dalys, presenting cheque to Art City St James Town, Artistic Program Director Gillian Foster.

ArtHeart Community Art Centre - The JL Foundation supports the Arts Program, which provides over 200 children's and youth art workshops throughout the year in Regent’s Park, an under-resourced and under-serviced neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. (Toronto, Regent Park)
Amount Funded: $5,000

Arts Etobicoke - The JL Foundation supports the Free Art Class Program, which provides weekly arts classes education for marginalized children in the west Toronto region of Etobicoke.
Amount Funded: $10,000

JL Foundation Board Member, Dennis Bonney, presenting cheque to Arts Etobicoke Executive Director, Louise Garfield


BC Learning Centre for Children with Dyslexia - The JL Foundation supports the training of volunteer tutors who provide specialized, free of charge tutoring for children with dyslexia in Vancouver.
Amount Funded: $5,000

Community Arts & Heritage Education Project - The JL Foundation supports the Thunder Bay Aboriginal Neighbourhood Arts Engagement Program, which provides accessible, intergenerational arts education for youth and the diverse organizations in Northern Ontario.
Amount Funded: $5,000

Community Veterinary Outreach - The JL Foundation supports The Mission Veterinary Care program providing pro bono preventative veterinary care for animals of the homeless and street-involved in Ottawa and Toronto.
Amount Funded: $10,000

JL Foundation President, Marianne Larsen, presenting cheque to Dr. Mark Kinghorn (Toronto's Veterinary Director for Community Veterinary Outreach) with JL Foundation Board Member Bev Dalys and CVO Board Member.

Earth Rangers - The JL Foundation supports the Earth Rangers Priority Neighbourhood School Program, which provides immersive science-based programs for students in select high-need schools in the Greater Toronto Area.
Amount Funded: $7,500

Eva’s initiatives for Homeless youth - The JL Foundation supports the Eva’s new Education Program (a pilot project) to enhance the employment/training programs and other life/work skills initiatives for the re-integration of homeless youth into academic settings.
Amount Funded: $7,000

Fatal Light Awareness Program Canada - The JL Foundation supports the animal protection-training program of Migratory Bird Education for Youth initiative in the Greater Toronto Area.
Amount Funded: $6,000

Frontier College – The JL Foundation is supports the Beat the Street program, which offers marginalized, street-involved youth who have not completed high school a way back into the education system in Toronto.
Amount Funded: $10,000

Regent Park School of Music, Executive Directors Richard A. Marsella and Jane O'Hare.

Regent Park School of Music - JL Foundation supports the Music Education Expansion Program for children aged 6-8 from high-risk neighbourhoods across the Greater Toronto Area.
Amount Funded: $5,000

Sage Youth - Jeunesse Sage – JL Foundation supports Sage Youth the Young Heroes Literacy Project for homeless refugee children and youth in downtown Ottawa.
Amount Funded: $10,000

Scarborough Women's Centre - JL Foundation supports the Building Strong Futures - Young Women's Outreach Program, which works with and empowers young women to make positive life choices.
Amount Funded:

Seeds for Justice (Kawartha World Issues Centre) - The JL Foundation supports the Intergenerational Activist Organizing Project, which empowers marginalized young people to become leaders in their community in Peterborough, Ontario.
Amount Funded: $4,510

Sisters Achieving Excellence – The JL Foundation supports the program of Transcendence - Take Two where women are encouraged to transcend the boundaries which criminality creates through literacy, leadership and employability programming in Ottawa.
Amount Funded: $5,000

The Hammer Band - From Violence to Violins – The JL Foundation supports expanding their From Violence to Violins program, which provides innovative music education for at-risk children and youth living in high-risk neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area.
Amount Funded:$5,000

The Stop Community Food Centre – JL Foundation supports the Grade 5 Sustainable Food Systems Education Program which partners closely with schools to teach children about growing food, healthy eating, and increasing their knowledge of food systems issues in Greater Toronto Area.
Amount Funded: $3,000


It has often been said that the mark of a civilized society is how well it treats its most vulnerable members.

Our Vision:
A society where all children, youth, and animals are treated with compassion and love.