Charities Funded 2009

Marianne Larsen with members of the Unity Project

Children's Aid Society of London - Education Bursary Program for marginalized young people

Nishnawbe Gamik Friendship Society - Animal Therapy Course for urban aboriginal children

Pathways to Education - Pathways Academic Tutoring Program for youth in low-income communities

Regent Park School of Music - Music Lessons for Inner-City Youth

SKETCH - Open Studio Program for street-involved and homeless youth

Unity Project for the Relief of Homelessness in London - Life Skills Program for individuals who are homeless

Youth without Shelter - Stay in School Program for homeless youth

TOTAL FUNDING 2009 = $46,000


It has often been said that the mark of a civilized society is how well it treats its most vulnerable members.

Our Vision:
A society where all children, youth, and animals are treated with compassion and love.