About Us

2018 Board Members

 Marianne Larsen (President) is an asssociate professor of education, with a background in volunteer work in the youth and adult homeless non-profit sector.

Susan Larsen (Secretary) was a close friend of Boje Johansen during his life and brings to the Board knowledge of his vision for charitable giving.

 Bev Dalys is a Labour Relations Officer at the Ontario Nurses' Association. She has a background in mediation and advocacy and is interested in social justice issues.

 Dennis Bonney is a director in a global, transportation company based in Canada. He brings to the board background in oversight and regulatory compliance.

Ian Esquivel teaches high school Social Studies, Media and English. In addition to his volunteer position with the JL Foundation, he sits on the Board of Directors of the Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre.

Alia Toor is an artist and educator. Her expertise and interests lie in intersections of art education and social justice at both the institutional and non-institutional experience. She currently chairs two boards in the non-profit arts education sector in Toronto.

Yvonne Vanriel brings her financial and accounting expertise as a manager of Finance Services North America, Bombardier Transportation to the board of the JL Foundation.

We would like to thank Bent Larsen for all of his work as a Board member from 2008-2012.


It has often been said that the mark of a civilized society is how well it treats its most vulnerable members.

Our Vision:
A society where all children, youth, and animals are treated with compassion and love.